Hiking in Styria

The Almenland Nature Park is part of Eastern Styria and is located in the middle of Styria, only 50 km north of the regional and cultural capital of Graz. With its 125 connected alpine pastures, the Almenland is one of the largest alpine pasture areas in Austria.

Autumn is also slowly coming into the Almenland, the cattle are returning to the farms in the valley and things are getting quieter on the alpine pastures. The fresh air and the clear view make autumn the ideal time for a hiking holiday - even with a dog. 125 alpine pastures, two large gorges and numerous mountain peaks between Teichalm and Sommeralm are the great offer for all hikers!

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Make the most of your vacation in Almenland

During the day for hiking with a hearty hut snack and the view from the summit relax in the evening and enjoy wellness and culinary specialties.
From camping sites, farm holidays, a room in a guesthouse or inn to three or four star hotels, you will find a wide variety of accommodations in Almenland. I'll see you in the fall.

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Stop & enjoy

Hiking makes you hungry - and there is a saying that "hunger is the best cook"! But don't worry, you don't have to be hungry for our hosts to taste good, just a look at the menu whets your appetite.

Fine specialties from ALMO beef, dishes from the regional cuisine and small dishes for in between beckon. And of course, pastries in all their diversity, from "Kaiserschmarren" to "Strauben". Especially for "Chocolate Tiger" there are the finest pralines with coffee or as a souvenir to take home.

Autumn with its abundance of products is also the time of the Culinary Almenland Autumn, when our hosts invite you to fish or venison weeks, goose food and pre-Christmas gala menus!

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Relax high above the sea of fog

When the fog settles in the basin and doesn't want to go away, when the sun and light are missing and a winter depression is on the horizon, then it's time for a few relaxing days on the alpine pasture. The sun is shining here and the sea of ​​fog is far below. Use this time to get "winter fit" on a gentle holiday - with saunas, massages and food rich in vitamins! And when you are wrapped up in warm blankets in front of the fireplace and look out into the alpine landscape, then even November days are no longer so bad!

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A look at the country

The best view is from above - which is why we have created an interactive 360° panorama map for our guests. Here you can see the whole of the Almenland from above and explore the location of our businesses or plan your entire stay. It's fun and really makes you want to spend a holiday in this beautiful landscape!

What's the weather like? And what's going on on the Alm? Our webcams provide up-to-date images of four beautiful places.

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