Alpine freshness in Styria

When the heat of summer settles over the cities, strains the sweat pores of the residents and paralyzes all activity. Then it's time for a fresh summer vacation in the Almenland Nature Park - ideal for your family vacation too!

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There is always a light breeze blowing over the lush green alpine pastures and the clear mountain streams with their fresh water provide the necessary refreshment. It blooms profusely everywhere, be it the flower arrangements in the villages or the daisies, bluebells and cuckoo carnations in the meadows.

From July onwards, the scent of freshly mown meadows mixes in, so delicious that you begin to envy cattle for their food. On the other hand, what the hosts serve you here is also extremely delicious and should definitely be tasted! So that every day of your holiday is pure enjoyment, let yourself be massaged or pampered by a well-trained beautician. Our wellness establishments have the right offer!

The Almenland Nature Park is part of Eastern Styria and is located in the middle of Styria, only 50 km north of the regional and cultural capital of Graz. With its 125 connected alpine pastures, the Almenland is one of the largest alpine pasture areas in Austria.

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Glorious views & stop refreshments

Over the alpine pastures or through the gorges: the Almenland Nature Park is a wonderful country for hiking! The heart of the nature park are the Teichalm and the Sommeralm, which are perfect for leisurely hikes from Alm to Alm. But there are also spectacular gorges and water-bearing gorges. The impressive Bärenschützklamm leads from Mixnitz to the Teichalm and on to the highest panoramic mountain in the "Grazer Bergland", the Hochlantsch. The Raabklamm is Austria's longest gorge and also a Natura 2000 protected area.

You can stop off at the inns along the hiking trails: a sunrise on Plankogel with a hearty mountaineering breakfast on the hut terrace or fresh Raab trout under mighty linden trees. And anyone who has climbed the breathtaking Bärenschützklamm has really earned his steak at one of the ALMO gourmet restaurants. Our hosts pamper you with regional specialties and warm hospitality!

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Walk over soft alpine ground, splash in clear brooks or play hide-and-seek in the deciduous forest. For a change, take a trip to the climbing park, Tierpark Herberstein zoo or the chocolate factory. If the weather happens to be bad, explore the caves or enjoy the thermal springs. Farm holidays are popular with families – with bunnies to pet, ponies to ride and wagon rides behind a tractor. Summer holidays in the alps are perfect for the whole family!
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Culture in Styria

The cultural centre of the Almenland is located at 1,132m above sea level and with its wooden open-air grandstand has become the symbol of the Brandlucken. The Brandluckner Huab'n Theater was founded in 2000 as a amateur theatre. This has remained the case to this day, even though we are already working very professionally. The climate at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters allows only one play operation in the summer months, nevertheless the atmospheric theatre evenings in front of the Brandluckner Huab'n attract more than 13,000 enthusiastic visitors every year. Mainly Austrian comedy classics are played.