Welcome to the Sommeralm area

The Weizerhütte is 1,400 m above sea level, right in the Sommeralm area, and provides the visitor with a wonderful panoramic view. You can enjoy good plain cooking and Styrian mountain pasture delicacies in the cosy guest areas (60 seats) or on the sun terrace (up to 100 seats). For overnight stays, there are

  • five double rooms,
  • two multiple bed rooms
  • and one mattress dormitory for 19 people


Leissure activities:

The Weizerhütte is a fantastic starting point for hikes and excursions and can easily be reached by car. The guesthouse is perfect for all guests who love a rustic atmosphere. Holiday guests, coach parties, pilgrims or bikers – the mountain hut is open to anyone who wants somewhere cosy to stay. Perfect accommodation for people doing the Mariazell trail, and for pilgrims and hikers. All the hiking trails can be easily reached from the hut. It is 5 minutes to the Mariazell trail.

Almgasthof Weizerhütte
Owner Anna Maria Pölzl

Sommeralm 101
8171 St. Kathrein/Offenegg
Phone: 0043 (0)3179 / 20 220
Web: www.weizer-huette.at

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