Discover the pumpkin seed miracle

The Kernothek is home to the Steirerkraft brand, refining the leading Styrian products of pumpkin, apple, runner bean and maize. They are turned into premium Styrian (PGI) pumpkin seed oil, roasted pumpkin seeds, apple chips and polenta.
In the Kernothek you can

  • draw pumpkin seed oil yourself,
  • look over the oil millers’ shoulders in the adjacent oil mill,
  • find gifts for all tastes in the shop,
  • and enjoy the many facets of Styrian food.

Guided Tours

The adventure tour starts in the “Wunderhütte”: Here you learn where and how the rise of the Styrian oil pumpkin began. Everything from the arduous pumpkin seed extraction of old to careful breeding is covered. Watch pumpkins, beans and maize grow in “Lottis Schaugarten”. Oil millers let you in on the secrets involved in the high art of pumpkin seed production. A movie screening and view of the glass bottling plant complete the tour. A tasting of pumpkin seed products awaits you in conclusion. Fresh pumpkin seed oil can be drawn from the tank, and you can apply a custom label to your personal bottle of pumpkin seed oil. 

Fix Appointments:

  • From May 1st - October 31st
  • Wednesday & Friday at 3.00 pm, Sathurday at 10.30 am.
  • Price: € 8,00 incl. tasting

Group tours can also be arranged on other dates, by advance appointment

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Steirerkraft Kernothek

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