Our jewels of nature

No, the nature preserve is not the opposite of a city park! The nature preserve is more: a unique habitat with impressive landscapes, useful for people and a good place for plants and animals.

The 125 contiguous alps in the Naturpark Almenland form Europe’s largest cultivated alpine region. It also features ravines, gorges and a number of different caves. The Raabklamm and the Kirchkogel near Pernegg are in fact Natura 2000 areas and therefore enjoy special protection.

Teichalmsee in the Nature Park in Styria

Teichalm lake

The Teichalmsee is the undisputed heart of the Naturpark Almenland.
Wooden Ox Teichalm Nature Park Styria

Wooden Ox Teichalm

The wooden ox by the lake is the emblem of the Almenland.
Moorlehrpfad on the Teichalm in Styria

Moor nature trail

One of Austria’s last mountain pine moors directly by the Teichalmsee.
Nechnitz and Rote Wand at Nature Park in Styria

Nechnitz & Red Wall

This sunny high plateau appeals with a direct view of the Rote Wand.
Wooden sculpture trail Nechnitz hiking tour

Wooden sculpture trail

The wooden figures by Erich Haider-Harrer accompany the path on the Nechnitz.
Bärenschütz Gorge hiking tour nature destination

Bärenschütz Gorge

One of the most beautiful water-bearing gorges, accessible via ladders.
Raabursprung trip holiday in Styria

Source of the Raab

The Raab source at the foot of the Osser and empties into the Danub.
Raab Gorge Natura 2000 area hiking tour

Raab Gorge

The Raabklamm at 17 km is Austria’s longest gorge and a nature paradise.
Drachenhöhle Mixnitz in the Nature Park

Drachenhöhle - mystic cave

This legendary 542-metre deep cave is a gigantic bat preserve.
Katerloch flowstonecave in Styria

Katerloch - flowstone cave

Austria’s most stalactite-rich cave with a route length of one kilometre.
Grasslhöhle flowstonecave in Styria

Grasslhöhle - flowstone cave

Austria’s oldest show cave and a magical subterranean world.
Lurgrotte Semriach flowstonecave in styria

Flowstone cave Semriach

Austrias largest flowstone cave featuring a brilliant light and sound experience
Lurgrotte Peggau flowstonecave in styria

Flowstone cave Peggau

A trail with electric lighting leads one kilometre into the cave.
Kesselfall Semriach Gorge Trail Hiking

Kesselfall - Semriach Gorge

An incredibly romantic gorge trail with walkways and bridges near Semriach.
Schöckl Graz in Styria

Schöckl - Mountain

The landmark mountain of Graz is also accessible by cable car.