A significant prehistoric site

An impressive portal in the mountain opens into the legendary Drachenhöhle. It is about 500 m above the starting point in Mixnitz on the western slope of the Röthelstein. Even in primitive times some 50,000 years ago, it was used by humans, bears and wolves as a place of refuge.

It takes a good 1.5 hours on foot to reach the cave entrance. The trail keeps getting steeper and, shortly before the cave, passes through a rocky trench secured with chains. It is well worth the walk however, if only to see the place where the legend of the dragon originated. The cave got its name from finds of fossilised bones of the cave bear, which is extinct. Finds are on display at the Archäologiemuseum Eggenberg in Graz.

Trained cave guides accompany tour participants through the cave protected as a natural monument. It is one of Austria’s leading bat habitats. For ecological reasons, visiting the cave is only permitted as part of a guided tour. Guided tours are offered from May through October. Special tours for school groups are possible.
The Drachenhöhle has been protected since 26 June 1928 and was declared a natural monument in 1949. Access is permitted only as part of the cave tours!

Guided Tours:

Meeting point in the Heubergstüberl, always at 9 am
Ascent: 1.5 hours
Tour: 1 - 1.5 hours
Descent: 0.5 - 1 hours
Steep ascent, secured with a chain
Altitude difference: 500 m
Route length: 7 km (there and back)

Dates 2020:

  • Sunday, 12 July
  • Saturday, 25 July
  • Sunday, 9 August
  • Saturday, 22 August
  • Sunday, 6 September
  • Saturday, 19 September

Cost contribution:

  • € 12.00 for adults
  • € 5.00 for children

Pre-registration with Mr. Hammer at 0043 (0)650/50 66 166 (Heubergstüberl)

Equipment tips:

  • Good hiking equipment (solid footwear, extra clothing, work gloves, food, beverages)
  • Light source (headlamp or torch)
  • Suitable clothing; the ambient temperature in the cave is 7 - 9 degrees Celsius with 80% relative humidity
  • Since the trails are loamy and unpaved, getting your clothes dirty in the cave is likely.

SAM - shared taxi

Use the comfortable "SAM" shared taxi for your arrival:

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Drachenhöhle Pernegg

Heubergstraße 32
8131 Mixnitz
Phone: 0043 (0)650 / 50 66 166 (Information & application)