Trail on floating larch pilings

The renovated bog trail will open on 30 May and is then freely accessible again. 

The only mountain pine upland moor in the mountains of Graz. As one of Austria’s last mountain pine upland moors, it offers a unique natural spectacle with special flora and fauna.

A viewing platform and comfortable benches invite you to linger and enjoy nature.
Access to the Moorlehrpfad nature trail is free. The Moorlehrpfad starts directly next to the Teichalmsee. This trail through the old moor is easy even for young children, because there are no hills to climb. The well-built trail is also suitable for pushchairs.

Note: The Moorwanderweg Teichalm is closed in winter because of ice.

The loop trail

POINT 1: Start at the Teichalmsee next to the Latschenhütte.

POINT 2: Continue on until you reach an elevated platform. It offers a particularly striking view of the mountain pine upland moor and the Teichalmsee. Information boards offer plenty of details describing the origins of the moor.

POINT 3: Hike along the Mixnitzbach until you come to the natural alder swamp.

POINT 4: After passing point 3, you come to a rest stop. It is intended for rest and meditation. The roofed rotunda offers a view of a bog meadow where the rare variety of the moor gentian and cotton grass grow.

POINT 5: Here the trail continues through a marshy spruce forest to a rest stop (6).

POINT 6: You can leave the rest stop over a bridge towards the Teichalmsee. This completes the loop through the moor.

The extensive information along the route is summarised in this guide, which is available from the Latschenhütte, Gemeindeamt Fladnitz and in the Almenlandbüro.

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