Austria’s largest active water cave

Around 25 kilometres north of Graz, you can marvel at Austria’s largest active water cave and explore a bizarre underground world filled with sinter formations, flowstone, giant rock domes and subterranean gorges. Follow the Lurbach down into the caves but do not rely on it. It soon disappears in the cave, leaving you alone on your way into this timeless underground cosmos where your imagination has free rein. During the 70-minute tour, you also experience a splendid light show accompanied by classical music representing a battle between good and evil. Since a few years, the Lurgrotte in Semriach has been offering new LED lighting effects as Austria’s first flowstone cave. It makes the flowstone formations even more impressive, highlighting their natural colours and beauty.

Guided tours

Through narrow passages, caves and niches, the path - always accompanied by the drop of water - leads to the Bear Cave, where bones of the cave bear were found, which lived in Central Europe during the Ice Age and became extinct many thousands of years ago. Soon you reach the Great Cathedral, one of the highlights of the tour. Above all, its size is impressive: at 120 meters long, 80 meters wide and 40 meters high, it is one of the largest cave dome in Central Europe. Also unique is the giant (the largest free-hanging dripstone in the world), which descends 13 m in height, 9 m in circumference and 40 t in weight from the cave ceiling into the room. In the grotto there is a temperature of + 9 degrees at 95% humidity.

Summer operation (April 15 to October 31):

  • Daily at 11 a.m., 2 p.m. and 3.30 p.m.
  • Additionally in July & August at 9.45 a.m. and 12.40 a.m.

In order to avoid waiting times a reservation is requested.
Groups against request also at other times possible.

Winter operation (2 November to 14 April):

  • Saturday at 14.00
  • Sunday at 11.00
  • 26th December to 6th January: every day at 11.00 and 14.00
  • November 1st & December 25th there will be no guided tours

Groups of 5 or more are also possible at other times by appointment.


  • € 10,00 adults
  • € 7,00 children
  • GenussCard: free admission and guided tour

Lurgrotte Semriach
CEO Andreas Schinnerl

Lurgrottenstraße 1
8102 Semriach
Phone: 0043 (0)3127 / 83 19
E-Mail: info (at)

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