Austria’s longest gorge

The Raabklamm is partly closed due to danger of rockfall starting from the 17th of July until the 20th of July!

The big and the small Raabklamm form Austria’s longest gorge with an overall length of about 17 kilometres. A natural paradise ideal for hiking, the Raabklamm is near the district capital of Weiz and adjacent to the Naturpark Almenland in Arzberg. Experience the beauty of nature in the Raabklamm in a very special way. It is an ideal hiking region for young and old, and families with children. With a bit of luck, you can admire white-throated dippers, grey herons and black storks feeding along the Raab.
Natural history and landscape study tours in the Raabklamm for schools, associations and companies are available with advance registration.

  • Tour duration: 2 to 4 hours as desired.

The Big Raabklamm was designated a nature conservation area in 1970 and an European Safety - Natura 2000 area no. 9 in 1996 due to its diversity of flora and fauna that is worthy of protection. Hiking through the Raabklamm is only permitted on the marked trails. The hiking trails are well marked with information signs and signposts.

See the Raabklamm-hiking-book for more information about the various entrances with walking times, route lengths and flora and fauna. This book is available from book sellers in Weiz, Graz, Gleisdorf, Hartberg and Feldbach as well as the Almenland and Weiz tourism associations, Raabklamm innkeepers and the Raabklamm communities of Arzberg, Gutenberg, Mitterdorf, Mortantsch and Naas. It can also be ordered on the Raabklamm website.

Pro české návštěvníky Raabklammu jsme shrnuli všechny důležité informace o túře, místech k občerstvení a výletních cílech v okolí v češtině.

K překladu

A Raabklamm magyar vendégeink számára a túrával, a frissítőállomásokkal és a környező túrázóhelyekkel kapcsolatos minden fontos információt magyar nyelven foglaltunk össze.

A fordításhoz

Raabklamm - Natura 2000, sanctuary number 9
Contact person Franz Schlögl

Kleinsemmering 132
8160 Weiz
Phone: 0043 (0)664 / 73 95 72 80
E-Mail: raabklamm (at)

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