Graz landmark mountain

When you climb the legendary Schöckl (1,445 m), you are rewarded with a surprisingly expansive view. The unique panorama and placid alpine landscape on the Schöckl invite you to linger. Paragliders also appreciate the mountain for its good thermal lift.

There are numerous hiking trails around the Schöckel. Combined with the lodge and inns on the Schöckel, they form a perfect offering for an adventurous day in the fresh air.
A cable car goes to the summit from St. Radegund for anyone who is not that mobile!
The Schöckl cable car is also a member of the GenussCard, you get 20% discount on mountain and valley rides!

Schöckl Rope way

Schöcklstraße 23
8061 St. Radegung
Phone: 0043 (0)3132 / 23 32
E-Mail: freizeit(at)

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