The journey is the destination

At a time when many things are changing and more and more people are looking for guidance, it is crucial to take responsibility for your own physical and mental health. Together, we can break new ground and build a future of healthy coexistence.

Let's work together to strengthen and nurture health - mental, energetic and physical.

Who are we?

Bernhard is my name. Mindful hiking my calling. Life my greatest teacher. After studying electrical engineering, my path led me to train in the field of mental training. I wanted to help students, as my studies cost me a lot of nerves. Through my passion for climbing, I developed workshops to combat fear of flying while climbing. I was then allowed to reinvent myself and heard the call of nature: to lead people back into nature. Mindful hiking was born and so my journey came full circle. My love of nature and my training as a mental coach and in positive psychology set my course. I have been able to pursue this vocation for three years now and look forward to every single person I can accompany and inspire and who can subsequently live a more positive future without me.”

Michaela is my name. I am a qualified herbalist, alkaline fasting vitality trainer (in training), Peter Hess® sound massage practitioner and shamanic practitioner. I am passionate about passing on my knowledge and supporting the growth of others. It deeply fulfills me to accompany people on their path to a healthier and more fulfilling life. A stroke of fate in my health, characterized by unhealthy habits and an overly stressful everyday life, forced me to pause and take a break. This experience fundamentally changed my perspective on life. Essential values that guide me: authenticity, openness; gratitude, freedom, love.”

The Mindful Hike

  • 1 day, 2 day and 3 day hikes
    • Inner peace and relaxation: Find inner peace and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life by exploring the untouched beauty of nature.
    • Mindfulness and inner balance: Reduce stress and strengthen your inner balance with mindfulness techniques and sound meditation in the midst of nature.
    • Deceleration and tranquillity: Use these days as an invitation to slow down, far away from chasing miles and rushing to the summit.
    • Gain precious time: Make precious time to escape the hectic pace of everyday life and enjoy life's precious moments.

Discover the beauty of hiking and find inner peace. Immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of the landscape for three days and break away from the hectic pace of everyday life. No rushing for peaks, no chasing kilometers - just you, your thoughts and the fascinating nature of Austria. Mindful long-distance hiking is NOT about distance or altitude, but about your inner journey. Leave the stress behind you, open yourself up to new perspectives and enjoy the present in harmony with nature. Together in a small group, we discover mindfulness techniques, sound meditations and the silence of nature. The focus of our days here is NOT on luxury, but on the essentials. These days are an invitation to slow down, find peace and strengthen your inner balance.

  • Requirements: easy requirements, the focus is on enjoying nature away from higher, faster, further

All dates you can find here:

Maximum 8 participants per hike

  • 12.07.2024: 1 day hike
  • 07.08.2024: 1 day hike
  • 18.09.2024: 1 day hike
  • 25 - 26.07.24: 2 day hike
  • 06 - 08.09.24: 3 day hike
  • 11 - 13.10.24: 3 day hike

Hiking prices

  • One-day hike: € 50
  • 2-day hike: € 160,-
  • 3-day hike: € 250

Mindful Hiking
Bernhard Flatz & Michaela Gratzer

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