Welcome to the archery club - Almenland

The archery course offers a varied route through forests, meadows and along streams with wonderful views over the Passail basin. Enjoy the challenges and the natural beauty of our facility. You will even find two restaurants along the route to fortify yourself and relax after archery.


  • up to 18 years: € 7.00
  • 3 rounds of arrows: € 12.00
  • 2 rounds of arrows: € 15.00

The course:

The archery course unfolds in four unique sections and promises an unforgettable archery experience.

Section Nr. 1
In the first section, you will immerse yourself in the beauty of dense forests, where the gentle rustle of leaves and the chirping of birds invigorate your senses. The path winds through the lush greenery as you enjoy the peace and serenity of nature and focus on your destination. After this inspiring forest passage, a picturesque path along the Mühlentalbach awaits you in the second section.

Section Nr. 2
Here, the soothing sound of the clear water accompanies you as you admire the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. The river meanders through rolling meadows and wooded banks, and the light dances on the surface as you aim your bow accurately.

Section Nr. 3
After a sporty climb in the third section, a refreshing reward awaits you in the Lindenstüberl with a selection of soft drinks.

Section Nr. 4
In the fourth and final part of the course, an impressive panoramic view of the extensive alpine landscape awaits you. From this elevated vantage point you can admire the majestic peaks, rolling hills and vast valleys that make this region a true gem. At the crowning conclusion, the path takes you directly to the Spreitzhofer country inn, where you will be treated to culinary delicacies on the newly built sun terrace. Enjoy the best that the Almenland has to offer while you end your day of archery in a relaxed atmosphere.

BSC Almenland
Chairman Christoph Krautinger

Zeil 17
8171 St. Kathrein am Offenegg
Phone: 0043 660/4565331
E-Mail: office (at) zielführen. at
Web: www.bsc-almenland.at

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