Far-out ideas & “Beet-Schwestern”

“Naturnahes Gart'ln” (natural gardening) is an innovative initiative of the municipality of Passail. This is where ideas burst from minds and new, natural gardens from the soil!
Stroll through the creative market – from the Installationsgarten to the Schuhgärten to the “Höchstbeeten”. In conclusion, the guild gardens from the grocer to the optician invite you to shop to your heart’s content. If you are hungry, head for the Knödelgarten to enjoy some dumplings!

With the garden treasure map, you have an exact description in your hands and can either look for the individual beds around the marketplace on your own or take advantage of a tour conducted by one of our competent “BEETSchwestern”.

Treasure map rally during the summer holidays:
Every Wednesday at 10 am, meeting point at the marketplace, free of charge.
You can get the “garden treasure map” free of charge from the municipality of Passail at the marketplace.

SAM - shared taxi

Use the comfortable "SAM" shared taxi for your arrival:

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Naturnahes Gart'ln
Marktgemeinde Passail
Contact person Gabriele Reiterer

Markt 1
8162 Passail
Phone: 0043 (0)3179 / 23 300
Mobile: 0043 (0)664 /3 5 54 931
E-Mail: tourismus (at) passail.at
Web: www.gartln.at