The garden in Arzberg

Taste the fullness of life in the “garden of the senses” in Arzberg!
Unwind under the shade of the ancient linden trees. With a wealth of fragrant flowers, herbs, medicinal plants and vegetables, the garden stimulates all the senses, inspiring you to sample and enjoy. Wild herbs and vegetables from the garden are harvested fresh daily and incorporated into tasty delicacies by Karin Kulmer in the “Gasthaus zur Raabklamm”.

Practical plant knowledge with ancient medicine, mythology and the direct experience of nature.

SAM - shared taxi

Use the comfortable "SAM" shared taxi for your arrival:

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Owner Karin Kulmer

Arzberg 26
8162 Passail
Phone: 0043 (0)664 / 22 39 926
E-Mail: schweinegger.mandl (at)