Styria’s most beautiful floral villages

In 1990 the floral communities of Pöllauberg, Vorau, Wenigzell, Mönichwald, St. Jakob im Walde, Strallegg, Miesenbach and St. Kathrein am Offenegg founded the “Steirische Blumenstraße” association. St. Lorenzen am Wechsel joined in 1993 and Fischbach is the newest member since 2009.

The “Steirische Blumenstraße” joins the floral communities, each of which at least bears the title of “Styria’s most beautiful floral village”. The traditional “Blumenkorso” is held every two years. Complete information about this flower parade is found on the website.

Verein Steirische Blumenstraße

Kirchenviertel 24
8255 St. Jakob im Walde
Phone:  0043 (0)3336 / 20 255
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