Of churches, convents and a proud fortress

In the Almenland itself, the pilgrimage churches are of special interest, ranging from the picturesque Schüsserlbrunn to the Gothic church of St. Erhard. A number of monasteries and convents are also well worth a visit, along with readily accessible palaces and castles – for a side trip or an all-day excursion!

Schüsserlbrunn church of pilgrimagein in Styria

Church Schüsserlbrunn

This little pilgrimage church is practically plastered on the Hochlantsch.
Church in St. Kathrein in Styria

Church St. Kathrein

The church dedicated to Saint Catherine sits high above the community.
Church of pilgrimage St. Erhard in Styria

Church St. Erhard

Gothic pilgrimage church with wonderful glass windows in Breitenau.
Lindenbergkirche church Passail Styria

Church Lindenberg

Small church on a rise in Passail with a splendid view.
Church of pilgrimage Heilbrunn in Styria

Church Heilbrunn

Pilgrimage church with healing springs below the Brandlucken.
Frauenkirche Pernegg pilgrimage church in Styria

Church Pernegg

The pilgrimage church in Pernegg is famous for its Baroque interior.
Maximilian church Pernegg pilgrimage in Styria

Maximilian church

The Maximiliankirche in Pernegg is a late Gothic structure with a defence tower
Basilika am Weizberg pilgrimage church in Styria

Basilica Weizberg

This church reputed to have been built in 1065 is enthroned on the Weizberg.
Taborkirche in Weiz church in Styria

Tabor church

The Taborkirche is the oldest preserved structure and emblem of the city.
Basilika Mariatrost Graz church in Styria

Basilica Mariatrost

The basilica is considered one of Styria’s major pilgrimage churches.
Church Pöllauberg pilgrimage churches in Styria

Pöllauberg Church

Thousands of pilgrims from near and far come to the Maria Pöllauberg pilgrimage.
Parish church Pöllauer palace garden in Styria

Parish church Pöllau

The parish church in Pöllau is called the "Styrian St. Peter's Basilica".
Riegersburg castle volcanic mount raptor show

Castle "Riegersburg"

Proud and mighty, the fortress towers over the hilly landscape of eastern Styria
Stift Rein Cistercian monastery in Styria

Stift Rein - monastery

The oldest Cistercian monastery in the world is considered Styria’s cradle.
Stift Vorau Augustine monastery of canons

Stift Vorau - monastery

Styria’s sole remaining monastery of canons.