Church at the foot of the Hochlantsch

Schüsserlbrunn is a popular excursion destination and a much-visited pilgrimage church on the “Lantsch wall” at the foot of the highest mountain in the region, the Hochlantsch. The little wooden church, located at 1,363 m above sea level, can only be reached on foot.

The name “Schüsserlbrunn” (bowl spring) is derived from the healing spring which comes out of the rock face and is collected there in little “rock bowls” and is supposed to have a healing effect, especially for eye complaints. There are lot of myths and legends surrounding this place. For example, a cow is supposed to have been miraculously found alive there after a fall. According to another legend, a blind man was given the gift of sight by the water. The first church which was built in this spot was the start of the place of pilgrimage.

The place was soon called “Schüsserlbrunn” by the population. The parish chronicles show that it was already a place of worship in the middle of the 18th century. A church set up in 1882 was seriously damaged by a rock fall. In 1974, the little church had to be moved by ten metres onto a new foundation due to the threat of rock falls.

Nowadays, services are celebrated in the chapel several times a year – primarily on the holidays relating to the Virgin Mary, and the church is still a popular destination for groups of pilgrims who are good on their feet. It is more than 198 steps down to the little church from the “Steirischer Jockl” inn – a popular place for a rest and a bite to eat with a breath-taking view.

The pilgrimage church can be reached via a number of hiking trails. A walking time of at least 1.5 hours can be expected for even the shortest trail:

  • Hochlantsch circular trail: circular trail from the Teichalm area, 15 km / 550 metres difference in elevation
  • Through the Bärenschütz Gorge: starting from Breitenau or from Mixnitz, approx. 25 km / 1,345 m difference in elevation
  • Reverend Kelz pilgrimage trail: starting from the St. Erhard pilgrimage church in Breitenau, approx. 12 km / 732 m difference in elevation

PLEASE NOTE: Closed during the winter from 1st November to 30th April!

Pfarramt Breitenau am Hochlantsch

St. Erhard 21
8614 Breitenau am Hochlantsch
Phone: 0043 (0)676 / 87 42 62 50
E-Mail:  breitenau (at)
Web: www.schü

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