Mountainbike tour around the Hochlantsch

Route length: 42 km, approx. 5 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Total rise: 1.834 m
Road conditions: About 25 km on paved side roads

Route description

This mountainbike tour starts in Mixnitz, which is also easily accessible by train. The route runs around the Hochlantsch and Rote Wand, also reaching the Teichalm and Tyrnauer Alm. The alps in particular are ideal for a break thanks to their gastronomy offerings.

First the route goes to Breitenau on paved roads before climbing to the Teichalm on the “alte Russenstraße”. It continues over the Zechner Moor to the Tyrnauer Alm, then down to Tyrnau over the Mautstraße. The final leg crosses the Heuberg and goes down to the Murradweg.

The trail can be used from May 15th to September 30th!

More about the Drachentour

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