From "Steirerkas cheese" to wine and pumpkin seed oil

Route length: 459 km
Climb: 2,344 m
Drop: 3,887 m
Difficulty: Moderate-easy
Route: Muhr im Lungau - Murau - Leoben - Bruck - Graz - Leibnitz - Bad Radkersburg - Legrad (Croatia)
Time required: 8 - 10 days

Route description:

The Murradweg is considered the most beautiful riverside bicycle trail in the alpine region among fanciers, and consistently ranks near the top of the most popular bike trails. This bicycle trail is favoured in particular because of the route, which leads to a wide variety of landscapes, always with a wealth of culinary offerings.

The tour starts in Nationalpark Hohe Tauern where the Mur river has its source within the municipality of Muhr. Then the trail runs through a rather alpine region in Salzburg and upper Styria down to the almost Mediterranean Graz and fertile southern Styria. It ends in Croatia where the Mur empties into the Danube.

The leg from Leoben to Graz runs through the Naturpark Almenland. Pernegg an der Mur features a very attractive destination with the Church of Our Lady and a perfect place for a break with the Gasthof Ritschi.

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