Over the alps from lodge to lodge

Route length: 38 km
Durration: approx. 5 hours
Difficulty: Hard
Total rise:
1.178 m
Road conditions: All paved, on rural and side roads

Attention – there is no “Ochsentour” signage along the route!

Route description

Our longest and most arduous bicycle tour leads right into the heart of the Almenland beef growing region – an “Ochsentour” in every regard! 3.500 cattle, mostly oxen, graze around the Teichalm and Sommeralm during the summer, supplying top quality ALMO beef and helping the farmers keep the alps open. Encounters with animals are therefore guaranteed, on the alps and on your plate at the inn of your choice!

After surmounting one hill after another, you deserve a break. There are plenty of opportunities along the way. Various destinations await visitors, such as the Teichalmsee with the Holzochsen, the Kräutergarten Pöllabauer, the Stoanihaus and the Ökopark. If you have a bit more time, you can also take a side trip to the Brandlucken, to Heilbrunn or to the St. Erhard pilgrimage church – guaranteed free of oxen in this case!

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