The tasty bike tour around Passail

Route length: 28.5 km
Difficulty: Easy
Total rise: 450 m
Road conditions: All paved, mostly on rural and side roads

Route description

The route in the shape of a butterfly goes around Passail with its various destinations. Most of them are really tasty, including the Almenland Stollenkäse, Moarhofhechtl noodles, Almenland Imkerei Kreiner and the Kräuterwerkstatt of the Schroeder family. You can make purchases for you table at all of these destinations. Localities where the table is already set for you are also found along the way.

The “Tischlein Deck Dich” bicycle tour goes directly by Schroeders Kräuterwerkstatt with the show garden. All bikers are cordially invited to enjoy a free herbal juice from the self-serve bar as a small refreshment to make the climb easier!  Naturally you can also take a short break and visit the show garden. The offer is open until the late summer.
If you want to take a break, the market town of Passail with the beautiful main square and many shopping opportunities is recommended aside from the other destinations. Gabi Reiterer’s shop offers a revitalising massage and various local wellness articles. Most of the products come from Almenland organic herb growers. The Reisinger shopping centre not only offers the best provisions for your travels, but also a regional “farmer’s corner” with a variety of products.

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