The state capital

Graz, state capital of Styria, is Austria’s second-largest city with a population of about 250,000. Imperial city, Renaissance jewel, city of science and modern architecture, cultural capital...Graz is multifaceted!

The old town is among Europe’s most beautiful and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Graz not only has a historic city centre, but numerous architecturally interesting, modern buildings as well. That is why Graz was recognised as a “City of Design” in the year 2012. Many new buildings were constructed in 2003 when Graz was “Europe’s Cultural Capital”. The atmosphere of the old town is best enjoyed in an outdoor dining area.

Numerous museums and exhibitions underscore the reputation as a city of culture:
Landeszeughaus: The world’s largest historic armoury with more than 32,000 authentic pieces of military equipment – suits of armour, shields, lances and swords!

Naturkundemuseum: The new, highly modern museum of natural history imparts a fascinating impression of Earth’s creation – and what of that can be explored right outside our door.

Kunsthaus: The “friendly alien” enriches the Graz cityscape through its extraordinary appearance alone. National and international contemporary art is on display.

Schloss Eggenberg: The Graz city palace with its large park and various gardens is a fascinating total work of art. It is home to precious collections of the universal museum and an archaeology museum, which also houses the “Cult Wagon of Strettweg”.

Graz is more than just a city of culture. Its boutiques, stores and shopping malls invite you to browse and shop.

Driving time from the Almenland to Graz: about 40 min.

Tourism information Graz

Herrengasse 16
8010 Graz
Phone: 0043 (0)316 / 80 75
E-Mail: info (at)

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