Energy meets city

In many ways, Weiz is a centre of life energy. A view of the city and surrounding region illustrates the diversity of life energy, expended, applied or converted energy that makes the present day liveable for humanity.

Historic retrospection of the near or distant past is offered by the old town around the tabor and the Baroque pilgrimage church, the basilica on the Weizberg. A contemporary outlook is offered by the Kunsthaus. Pleasurable moments are assured by the varied gastronomy and extensive programme of festivals and events.

Fascinating insights are provided by the region’s flowstone caves. Enlightening rays of hope (not only because of the Christmas lighting!) are the order of the day year round in the energy city of Weiz.

Tourism information & city marketing

Hauptplatz 18
8160 Weiz
Phone: 0043 (0)3172 / 2319 660
E-Mail: tourismus (at)

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