Leisurely hike through the nature park

Easy hiking trails are calculated with a maximum of 8 kilometres and 400 metres of ascent. Here, the hike takes you comfortably up to an attractive altitude, where an all-round view is guaranteed. And of course, a stop at one of our huts and inns is not to be missed. It's not easy to hike on an empty stomach! Here you will find some pleasant tour suggestions:

Plankogel loop round hiking styria

Plankogel loop round

loop road - easy
6,4 km | 225m total rise
HeilBrunnWeg Brandlucken hiking trail

HeilBrunn way

Brandlucken - Heilbrunn
loop road - easy
5,8 km | 235m total rise
Almenland / Pilgrimage route in Passail

Pilgrimage route Passail

Passail - Krammersdorf
loop road - easy
9,7 km | 270 m total rise
Teichalm round with moor

Teichalm with moor

loop road - easy
9,3 km | 95m total rise
Gerlerkogel from the Teichalm hiking tour


loop road - easy
8,4 km | 250m total rise
Church round loop road hiking trail styria

Church round

loop road - easy
4 km | 50m total rise
Königskogel loop road hiking tour


loop round - easy
8,4 km | 250m total rise
Schöckl round hiking holidays in Styria

Schöckl round

loop road - easy
7,8 km | 380m total rise
Hinterkirchner loop road hiking holidays

Hinterkirchner round

St. Kathrein/Off.
loop road - easy
1,7 km | 42m total rise
Mistlegg round loop road hiking holidays

Mistlegg loop road

St. Kathrein/Off.
loop road - easy
4,9 km | 295m total rise
Forest path to the mill hiking holidays

Forest path to the mill

loop road - easy
4,7 km | 205m total rise
Mill Panorama Tour hiking tour in Styria

Mill panorama tour

loop road - easy
3,5 km | 110m total rise
Village round in Pernegg hiking tour in styria

Village round

loop road - easy
3 km | 20m total rise
Kesselfallklamm gorge hiking tour in Styria

Kesselfall Gorge

loop road - easy
7,8 km | 395m total rise
Proper conduct while hiking at nature park

Proper hiking conduct

To make your hike a pure pleasure, we have compiled tips here for the correct behaviour in alpine terrain.


Safety in the alps also with a dog

Livestock and dogs

The Almenland is also grazing land for oxen, young cattle, horses and sheep. Please observe the following rules for dealing with grazing livestock, especially if you are travelling with a dog.


Almenland Webcams

What a country the Almenland Nature Park! Take a look to our webcams, which provide up-to-date images of the most beautiful places.

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