Circuit with view and snack

The community circular route leads along the "Hochweg" through the districts of Auen, Krammersdorf and Hohenau, returning via Haufenreith. A somewhat longer walk that leads past the small pilgrim chapel "Kleinheilbrunn". The way back offers views from the Schöckl to the Rote Wand and has with the Passailer fish ponds also a beautiful resting place to offer.

The origin of "Kleinheilbrunn" goes back to a legend: A farmer put up a picture of the Virgin Mary out of gratitude for having survived a serious accident. One day the picture had disappeared, it was found exactly at the place where the chapel stands today. The image was brought back, disappeared again and was found again in the same place. Now the farmer understood the sign and built the first chapel here in 1672, in 1824 it was completed in its present form. At the place where the image of the Virgin Mary was found, there is a small spring, which is said to have healing properties for eye ailments.

Start/Finish: Passail, Parkdeck
Parking: at the Parkdeck or at the Rüsthaus in Passail
Duration: 9,7 km | 3 h
Altitude difference: 270 m

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