A comfortable trail with places to stop.

The ideal tour for all first-time alpine excursionists. Rounding the Teichalmsee, the hike extends out to the pension-camping Holzmeister a bit higher up. On the way back, it passes the Harrer-Hütte where you can taste mountain cheese and yoghurt. Back on the Teichalm, the gateway to the moor – one of Austria’s last mountain pine upland moors with a special flora and fauna – is right next to the Holzochse (wooden ox). The Moorlehrpfad on wooden planks runs around the moor and ends at the Latschenhütte.

The comfortable loop trail around the lake is also accessible for wheelchairs and children’s push chairs. Duration: approx. 1 hour for 2.5 km

Start/end: Teichalmsee
Parking: public parking spaces next to the Teichalmsee
Duration: 9,3 km | 3 hours
Total rise: 95 m

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