Up the mountain

The already somewhat more demanding tours are suitable for trained hikers. The mountain trails lead across alpine pastures, meadows and pastures as well as over partly stony terrain. Please do not forget the right equipment, sufficient provisions and your hiking map. The medium hiking trails are calculated with a maximum of 16 kilometres and a maximum of 800 metres in altitude. Here nan sometimes really works up a sweat. Our tour suggestions:

Schüsserlbrunn pilgramage church hiking tour


Teichalm - Schüsserlbrunn
loop round - medium
11,2 km | 404m total rise
Almenland hiking tour holidays in Styria

Almenland tour

Teichalm - Brandlucken
tour - medium
14,8 km | 310m total rise
Siebenkögel Sommeralm hiking tour loop road

Siebenkögel tour

loop road - medium
12,3 km | 420m total rise
Heulantsch hiking tour holidays in Styria

Heulantsch tour

loop road - media
11,6 km | 450m total rise
Teichalm Hochlantsch hiking tour loop road

Hochlantsch tour

loop road - media
11,1 km | 585m total rise
Rote Wand with Tyrnaueralm in Styria

Rote Wand tour

Teichalm - Tyrnaueralm
loop road - medium
14,5 km | 490m total rise
Sattelberge and Gösser from Passail

Sattelberge and Gösser

Teichalm - Tyrnaueralm
loop road - medium
14,5 km | 490m total rise
Osser loop road hiking holidays in Styria

Osser loop road

loop road - medium
13,3 km | 550m total rise
Stoakogler hiking tour holidays in Styria

Stoakogler hiking tour

loop road - mediam
9,6 km | 450m total rise
Mühlental mill valley loop road St. Kathrein

Mill valley Tour

St. Kathrein/O.
loop road - medium
9,9 km | 330m total rise
Patscha Tour in St. Kathrein hiking holidays

Patscha hiking tour

St. Kathrein/O.
loop road - media
14,8 km | 495m total rise
Bear round at St. Kathrein Brandlucken hiking

Bear round

St. Kathrein - Brandlucken
loop road - medium
12,7 km | 360m total rise
Zetz loop road hiking tour St. Kathrein

Zetz hiking tour

St. Kathrein
loop road - medium
16,7 km | 405m total rise
Brandlucken Zetz Anger hiking tour in Styria

Brandlucken - Anger

over the Zetz
15,5 km | 220m total rise
Brandlucken Königskogel Anger hiking tour

Brandlucken - Anger

over the Königskogel
13,9 km | 160m total rise
Big "Raabklamm" loop road hiking tour

Raabklamm tour

loop road - medium
12,9 km | 450m total rise
Gerler loop road hiking tour in Nature Park

Gerler loop road

from Nechnitz
loop road - medium
14 km | 580m total rise
Sulberg loop road hiking tour in Nature Park

Sulberg loop road

loop road - medium
11,7 km | 315 m total rise
To Teichalm from Nechnitz hiking tour


loop road - medium
18,5 km | 680 m total rise
Tulwitz round hiking tour in the Nature Park

Tulwitz round

loop road - medium
13,8 km | 510 m total rise
Enjoyment loop road hiking holidays in Styria

Enjoyment loop road

loop road - middle
11 km | 490m total rise
Proper conduct while hiking at nature park

Proper hiking conduct

To make your hike a pure pleasure, we have compiled tips here for the correct behaviour in alpine terrain.


Safety in the alps also with a dog

Livestock and dogs

The Almenland is also grazing land for oxen, young cattle, horses and sheep. Please observe the following rules for dealing with grazing livestock, especially if you are travelling with a dog.