To the origin of the Raab river

This hike starts in Passail, from where it goes to the Raabursprung at the foot of the Osser, where the deer "Pozilo" and the little droplet "Sprungingerl" tell their story on the themed circular trail. The trail then continues in the direction of the Sommeralm to the Dreiwetterkreuze. The way back is via the Hohenauer Ochsenhalt and on to the starting point of the tour.

If you want to shorten the hike, turn left after the Dreiwetterkreuzen into the "Bärental" on trail no. 33.

Start/End: Passail, town's center
Parking: parking deck Passail, parking lot firefighter station Passail
Duration: 21,6 km | 6,5 hours
Total rise: 870 m

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