Exploring the heart of the nature preserve

The trail with a length of about 18 kilometres crosses a high plateau with open alpine pastures, lots of cattle and plenty of culinary offerings, lodges and inns. Enjoy incomparable views along the way!  The splendid panorama ranges from the Hochschwab to the Stuhleck to eastern Styria.

This alpine hiking trail joins the Teichalm to the Brandlucken. There is lots to see, both at the start and the destination. The lake, upland moor and Holzochse await visitors on the Teichalm. On the other hand, the Brandlucken is known for its outdoor theatre by the “Huab’n” with regular productions during the summer.

Start: Teichalmsee or Brandlucken
End: Brandlucken or Teichalmsee
Parking: public parking spaces on the Teichalm or Brandlucken
Duration: 15,4 km | 5,50 hours
Distance tour: 310 hm rise | 350 hm descent

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