Lookout peak over the Weizklamm

The loop leads over the peak of the Patscha to the Patscha-Nase (also known as the Patscha-Sattel or Predigtstuhl) known for its grand view. The Patscha-Nase drops steeply over the Weizklamm, with a spectacular view of St. Kathrein am Offenegg to the south-west over the Sommeralm and Passailer, with the Rote Wand in the background. Locals call this point the “3-church view” because three communities with their church towers are visible from here. To the east you can see the quarries in the ravine and the district capital of Weiz.

The trail begins in the floral village of St. Kathrein, known not only for its flower decorations but also its townscape with the Kirche am Felsen in the town centre. Several destinations around the community beckon you to visit, while inns and cafés invite you for a rest.

Start/end: Hotel "Der WILDe EDER" centre of St.Kathrein
Parking: centre or at the "Kathreinerhaus"
Duration: 14,8 km | 5 hours
Total rise: 495m

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