Over placid alps to the cliff

The Rote Wand is a south-east facing rock fall, coloured red by inclusions of reddish limestone, and is best appreciated by the light of the morning sun. This majestic cliff is home to chamois and ibexes that can be observed along the trail with a bit of luck. The already quite rare and protected bear’s ear (Primula auricula balbisii) also blooms here in the spring.

The hike up the gently sloping Tyrnaueralm starts directly at the Teichalmsee. Up to the Tyrnaueralm, the trail is quite easy and suitable for the whole family. The rest of the way up to the Rote Wand is much more alpine, demanding sure-footedness and making good shoes absolutely essential!

Start/end: Teichalm
Parking: parking spaces on the Teichalm
Duration: 14,5 km | 4,5 hours
Total rise: 490 m

Tyrnaueralm tour (withour "Rote Wand")
Duration: 11 km | 4 hours
Total rise: 250 m

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