Leisurely hike to the rock face

The Sattelberge are located south of Passail and shield the Passailer Kessel from Weiz. The highest elevation of the Sattelberge is the Gösser with its "wall", which drops steeply to the Raabklamm. These karst mountains are home to over 200 caves, the most famous show caves are the Grassl cave (the oldest show cave in Austria!) And the Katerloch. Until the middle of the 20th century, a small dairy with an alpine hut and restaurant was operated on the Gössersattel, which was then closed due to the poor water supply. On this hike, the Gösser is via path no. 18b hikes, this section of the route offers the most beautiful views, but also requires surefootedness.

Please be careful, the rock breaks off steeply here! Otherwise, the path leads over easy-to-walk farm and access roads and is suitable for the whole family.

From the Dürntalkreuz down to the Dürntalwirt and via the well-marked path no. 764 to the district town of Weiz, the return journey to Passail then takes place by bus.

Start/end: Passail
Parking: parking spaces in the centre
Duration: 16,8 km | 5,5 hours
Total rise: 485 hm

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