Through Austria’s longest gorge

The Raabklamm, encompassing the Große Raabklamm and Kleine Raabklamm, extends from Arzberg to Mitterdorf and is Austria’s longest gorge with an overall length of 17 kilometres.
The Große Raabklamm between Arzberg and Weiz is part of the NATURA 2000 network and home to rare birds like the black stork, kingfisher and hoopoe.

Along craggy cliffs, past beautiful grey alder wetlands and accompanied by the rushing waters of the Raab, you can explore this nature paradise on secure and marked trails and walkways.

Start/end: Raab gorge entrance at the centre of Arzberg
Parking: at the entrance
Duration: 12,9 km | 4,5 hours
Total rise: 450 m

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