An ambitious hiking tour!

The Bärenschützklamm is closed after heavy rock falls. The gorge is expected to open in autumn 2023. Entering the closed gorge is forbidden and life-threatening!

The path leads through the Bärenschützklamm gorge to Schüsserlbrunn and then - with or without the Hochlantsch summit - down to St. Jakob.

This way from Mixnitz to Breitenau is "over the mountain". The ascent through the Bärenschützklamm is impressive: The gorge is bordered by limestone walls up to 300 meters high, into which the Mixnitzbach has "eaten" itself over the millennia and formed this unique gorge. 164 bridges and ladders with a total of 2500 wooden rungs were painstakingly installed and make this natural monument an experience for sure-footed mountain hikers. (Walking time from Bärenschützklamm car park or Mixnitz train station to Schüsserlbrunn: 2.5 hours)

The next highlight is the small pilgrimage church "Schüsserlbrunn", which has been a place of pilgrimage for centuries and is still visited by many pilgrims and hikers. Then it is up to you to decide whether you want to ascend to the Hochlantsch summit or whether you descend straight down to Breitenau.

The descent can either be made to the Gasthof Hofbauer in St. Jakob or to St. Erhard. With the "Grassauer snack station", the "Good Shepherd" and the "Styrian Jokl" there are also wonderful places to stop for refreshments on the way.


The Bärenschützklamm is always open from May to October. A gorge maintenance fee is payable at the entrance to the gorge! Dogs are not allowed in the gorge! We recommend the hike with children from the age of 7. More information about the Bärenschützklamm hike can be found here!

Pro české hosty Bärenschützklamm jsme shrnuli všechny důležité informace o túře, občerstvovacích zastávkách a výletních cílech v oblasti v češtině. 

Bärenschützklamm je v současné době uzavřena a její znovuotevření se očekává až v roce 2023.

K překladu

A Bärenschützklamm magyar vendégeink számára a túrával, a frissítőállomásokkal és a környékbeli kirándulóhelyekkel kapcsolatos minden fontos információt magyar nyelven foglaltunk össze.

A Bärenschützklamm jelenleg zárva van, és várhatóan csak 2023-ban nyitják meg újra.

A fordításhoz

Start / End: Mixnitz / St. Jakob or St. Erhard
Parking: Parking spaces at Bärenschütz-Gorge or Railwaystation Mixnitz
Duration: 10 km | 4,5 hours
Altitude difference: 920 m increase | 815 m descent

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