Exciting & Educational

Our family and themed hiking trails in the Almenland Nature Park offer a change from altitude metres and peaks. Here you not only learn exciting facts about the region, nature or the special features along the way, but they are also structured in an exciting way. This makes the hike great fun for the whole family!

Raabursprung loop road hiking trail styria

Raab origin loop road

loop road - easy
3 km | 205m total rise
Waldlehrpfad wood-nature-trail at Koglhof

Koglhof nature trail

loop road - easy
3,1 km | 105m total rise
Wood and bees nature trail at Passail

Bee nature trail

loop road - easy
4,2 km | 150m total rise
Montan nature trail Arzberg Passail hiking tour

Montan nature trail

loop round - easy
5 km | 170m total rise
Vogelbeer panoramic loop road hiking styria

Vogelbeer loop trail

St. Kathrein/O.
loop road - easy
4,8 km | 175m total rise
Teichalm round with moor nature trail in Styria

Teichalm with moor

loop road - easy
9,3 km | 95m total rise
Wooden sculpture trail Nechnitz hiking

Wooden sculpture trail

loop road - medium
Proper conduct while hiking at nature park

Proper hiking conduct

To make your hike a pure pleasure, we have compiled tips here for the correct behaviour in alpine terrain.


Safety in the alps also with a dog

Livestock and dogs

The Almenland is also grazing land for oxen, young cattle, horses and sheep. Please observe the following rules for dealing with grazing livestock, especially if you are travelling with a dog.