A coffee, a snack or a social evening...

Bakery – café – pastry shop

This café features a sunny conservatory with kids’ play corner and cosy outdoor seating with a large playground. The pastry shop pampers you with homemade ice cream and delicious fancy cakes.

Consciousness of tradition and craftsmanship are combined with a high quality standard in the bakery. Fresh baked goods are also available on Sundays and holidays. Wood oven natural sourdough bread is the house speciality.

Tip: breakfast for 2

Cafe NIEDERL - van Asten

Weizer Straße 11
8162 Passail
Phone: 0043 (0)3179 / 23560
E-Mail: info (at) niederl-passail.at
Web: www.niederl-passail.at

Breakfast, coffee and snack station

Have a rest in the snack station and fortify yourself with Styrian delicacies and fresh tasty salads. Enjoy homemade cakes and strudels, as well as a number of coffee specialities, in the café.

Kornreitherhaus Cafe-Frühstückspension
Owner Anna Schmid

Brandlucken 181
8171 St. Kathrein am Offenegg
Phone: 0043 (0)3179/8615
E-Mail: info (at) kornreitherhaus. at
Web: www.kornreitherhaus.at

A Steirer Busserl

A hearty breakfast before you go hiking, head to work or just because you feel like it? You get exactly that at the Café Steirer Busserl in Pernegg. The bakery pampers you with fresh bread and baked goods, and a homemade cake or pastry is also offered with the afternoon coffee. Regional shopping is offered at the Steirer Busserl as well – the farm store with quality Almenland products is directly in the café. The café offers enjoyment and diversity in a cosy Styrian atmosphere.

Day and night
The Almcafé is located right on the main square in Passail. Guests are served a delicious coffee, ice cream variations and small snacks. Enjoy sunny hours on the terrace and watch the market hustle and bustle. Spend evenings in a cosy atmosphere with music and cocktails.

Cafe Steirer-Busserl

Kirchdorf 2
8132 Pernegg
Phone: 0043 (0) 3867/50100
E-Mail: steirerbusserl (at) gmx. at
Web: www.steirerbusserl.at

The Latschenhütte: legend on the Teichalm

Established in 1984 by the Pierer family as a café directly on the Teichalmsee, the Latschenhütte has developed into THE Almenland destination. A café with high quality, regional, freshly prepared dishes continues to operate in the “LAHÜ”, summer and winter. The Latschenhütte is also known far beyond the region for its AlmPartys, attracting throngs of visitors from near and far to the Teichalm from May to October.
Twice a year, you have the opportunity to enjoy the Latschenhütte’s award-winning 6-course gourmet menu, prepared for your plate by chef Fabian Brunner with his team.

Latschenhütte - LAHÜ
Pierer Gastronomie GmbH
Owner Alfred & Franz Pierer

Teichalm 134
8163 Fladnitz
Phone: 0043 (0)3179/71 27
E-Mail: office (at) latschenhuette.at
Web: www.latschenhuette.at

During the day and at night...

The Almcafe is located directly on the main square in Passail. Here, guests are served a delicious coffee, ice cream and snacks. On the terrace you can enjoy the hours of sunshine and watch real "market activity". In the evening there is music in a cozy atmosphere with cocktails.


Hauptplatz 44
8192 Passail
E-Mail: office (at) almcafe.at
Web: www.almcafe.at

A bakery passed down through generations

The Bäckerei Strassegger founded in 1932 is owned by Peter Strassegger. It has been operated by the family for 3 generations and was renovated in the summer of 2010. One of the bakery’s specialities is farmhouse bread with natural sourdough, pure rye flour and a proprietary blend of spices. Guests can enjoy their snack and coffee in comfort in the conservatory with a view of the Hochlantsch.

Café and pub in one
A bit of a bar, pub and café, yet the “Hills” is entirely different. The Hills is inviting for intimate get-togethers, celebrations or a rendezvous, also late into the evening.

Cafe und Pub - all in all

The "Hills" is a bit of a bar / pub / cafe and yet again very different. The Hills invites you to be together, celebrate or as a meeting place, which is sometimes used late at night.

Cafe/Bar Hills

Tulwitzviertl 9
8163 Fladnitz an der Teichalm
E-Mail: office (at) proellhofer.at
Web: www.proellhofer.at

Up close and personal with the Stoakoglern

A cosy meeting place with homemade pastries, regional snacks and speciality ice cream. At the Stoani Café, every wish is read from your lips.

Not only music lovers gather here from near and far, but also the hikers travelling through the Gasen and taking a short break. Seniors and retirees gather here regularly as well, and groups of musicians. Every now and then the Stoakogler even entertain the guests in person – entirely unamplified but with great sociability.

The café is also equipped for bus tour groups who want to enjoy a tasty pastry and coffee after viewing the Stoani Haus.

Stoani Cafe

Gasen 35
8616 Gasen
Phone: 0043 (0)3171/5000
E-Mail: stoanihaus (at) gmail. com
Web: www.stoanihaus.at

Bakery and café

The Marktcafe Häusler is located in the middle of the Passail market square. Buns, bread, rolls, homemade pastries and much more can be picked up at the bakery or enjoyed directly in the adjacent café. The Marktcafe also has a competitive menu for lunch and takeaway. A small regional menu is offered all day.

Hours of operation:
Monday through Friday, 5:30 am to 6:30 pm
Saturday, 5:30 am to 12:00 noon

After shopping
In need of a short break after shopping? Time for a bit of refreshment in the cosy café “Tschecherl”. Bring any shopping trip to a comfortable conclusion with coffee and cake at the “Tschecherl”!

Marktcafe Häusler

Markt 16
8162 Passail
Web: www.karl-wirt.co.at