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Inn right on the Mur cycling path

The family-run business is open all year round and, depending on the season, also offers specialities in addition to the down-to-earth menu and is well-known and popular everywhere.

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The house music provides entertaining hours with old traditional Gstanzl'n, creative songs and funny poems from their own pen, combined with snappy pieces and wonderful melodies.

The Ritschis, as well as the entire municipality of Pernegg an der Mur, are part of the "Street of Music". This project was launched in 2018 and connects the rich music programme, in the form of workshops, courses and exhibitions, with the two regions of Almenland and Joglland and their municipalities of Breitenau am Hochlantsch, Gasen, Pernegg an der Mur and Birkfeld.

Group Travels

Depending on the season, the inn also offers specialities of fish, wild garlic, asparagus, mushrooms, pumpkin, game and the well-known ALMO® beef in addition to the down-to-earth menu. The house music ensures entertaining hours with old traditional gstanzl'n and funny poems, combined with snappy pieces and wonderful melodies.

Excerpt from the menu:

Sour beef generously garnished with pastries

  • Brettljause with pastries
  • Farmer's toast with fried egg and coleslaw
  • Beetle bean strudel with pumpkin seed cream sauce, potatoes
  • Styrian Gordon bleu with rice
  • Venison ragout with spaetzle and cranberry pears

Bus driver and tour guide are free for groups of 40 or more!

Wirtshaus Ritschi - Gästehaus
Tatzl KG
CEO Manuel Haellmeister

Bahnstraße 6a
8132 Pernegg
Phone: 0043 (0)3867/8163
E-Mail: wirtshaus.ritschi (at) gmail. com
Web: www.ritschi.at

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