Regional farm products and specialities

Our farmers produce regional delicacies on their farms with great expertise and lots of love. Raw materials supplied by nature are gently upgraded into foodstuffs and luxury foods of high quality. Our Almenland innkeepers bring meat, bread, noodles, honey, vegetables, herbs, pralines and fine brandies to the table for our guests – fresh from Austria’s garden!

The "Almenland Spezialitäten Verein" consists of 30 farmers supplying 8 points of sale and inns in the region. Many operations let you look over their shoulder as they work, offering tours and tastings. To also let you take the tastes of the region home with you, products are sold on the farms as well, or you can order through the online shops of the producers.

ALMO beef regional product from Styria

ALMO beef

The oxen that produce ALMO beef graze on the alps in the nature preserve.
brandies liqueurs regional products Styria

Brandies & liqueurs

Many different brandies, above all rowan berry (mountain ash).
Almenland honey regional product from Styria


Gingerbread, mead and spreads are produced with the award-winning honey.
Almenland herbs regional products from Styria

Almenland herbs

The large group of herb growers produces numerous products.
Stollenkäse cheese regional product from Styria

Stollenkäse, Cheese, Butter, Milk

The Almenland Stollenkäse matures in Arzberg and is highly awarded.
Free range eggs noodles regional products

Eggs & noodles

Pasta and egg liqueur made from free-range eggs at the Moarhofhechtl.
Vinegar specialities regional products in Styria

Vinegar specialities

Various vinegars are produced from local fruits and herbs.
Chocolate pralines regional products in Styria

Chocolate, Pralines & Gingerbread

Pralines and chocolate with all regional fillings for those with a sweet tooth.
Bread and grain specialities regional products

Bread and grain

Not only grain but also bread and baked goods are produced.
Fish trout char specialities regional products

Almenland Fish

Almenland fish producers mainly offer trout and char.
Aronia specialities regional products

Aronia specialities

Aronia specialities from our Almenland aronia growers.
Shopping regional products in farmer shops


Buy regionally direct from the producer and at the Reisinger shopping centre.