The "FLECKS beer"

The FLECKS beer is natural and particularly fine, its malty body - fruity and pithy - describe the character of the full-bodied beers on top of that. It is brewed in the heart of Styria - and now it's called Cheers! - familiarize yourself with the taste.

FLECKS Almenland organic beer

The rye in this beer creates an exciting spiciness, as if you were walking through a ripe rye field. The light sweetness, well hidden reminds of a mild summer morning.

FLECKS beer variety

This consists of "FLECKS SteirerBier", "FLECKS Red", "FLECKS I.P.A.", "FLECKS Weizen", "FLECKS Almenland organic beer" and seasonal products such as the "FLECKS WinterBock" and the beer digestive "BOCKSCHUSS".

The FLECKS beers can also be ordered in the online shop.

FLECKS brewery

In 2014, Vinzenz and Michael Fleck opened the brewery in their home town of Laufnitzdorf / Frohnleiten. Finally, so to speak! After all, the FLECKS have been building brewing machines worldwide for 20 years. 160 brewing plants have already been produced by FLECKS BRAUHAUS TECHNIK AUSTRIA in 37 countries. And all these plants brew, taste and enjoy beer after FLECKS beer recipes.
At the heart of the FLECKS BRAUHAUS TECHNIK is the simple handling and quality in the brewing process. For this purpose, Vinzenz and Michael Fleck have developed their own technologies such as outdoor cookers, FLECKS mixers and fully automatic. These technical innovations from Styria lead to the full-bodied taste of FLECKS beers - Cheers!

Flecks Steirerbier GmbH
Michael Fleck

Laufnitzdorf 200 a
8130 Frohnleiten
Phone: 0043 (0)3126 / 20 611 od. 0043 (0)650 / 92 0 91 58
E-Mail: office (at)