Spirits of the nature preserve

Wild fruits and old meadow orchard varieties are transformed into traditional fine brandies and liqueurs. However, our producers also attempt to produce new creations, aside from the traditional brandies.

Rowan berry brandy, produced from the berries of the wild growing mountain ash, is typical for the Almenland. Some operations offer a distillery tour and tasting.

Brandies, Liqueur, Jam, Gift baskets with regional products

The Graf family’s operation in St. Kathrein am Offenegg is among the top addresses for very special fine brandies. Daniela and Michael Graf specialise in the distillates of soft fruit, wild berries and old pomaceous fruit varieties. Brandies made from the berries of the mountain ash or rowan tree are a prized speciality. The efforts of the Graf family to produce brandy of outstanding quality have already won them awards.

Edelbrennerei Graf

Zeil 18
8171 St. Kathrein/Offenegg
Phone: 0043 (0)664/21 33 243
E-Mail: graf (at) almenland.at
Web: www.almschnaps.at

Brandies, Liqueurs, Bio Herbal Hay

Family Schwaiger

Mitterbach 32
8616 Gasen
Phone: 0043 (0)3171/256
Mail: willi.schwaiger (at) almenland.at

Wine & hard liqueur

Family Zünterl

Fladnitz/Teichalm 20
8163 Fladnitz/Teichalm
Phone: 0043 664/9174791
E-Mail: stefan.zuenterl (at) gmx.net