The Almenland herb growers

We herb growers in the Naturpark Almenland offer you herbs of the best quality thanks to ideal herb growing conditions. The herbs have a particularly intense aroma and richly coloured flowers. Grown on small plots, lovingly harvested by hand and gently processed into quality products – that describes our Almenland herbs.

Our Almenland herbs set themselves apart:

  • Quality herb growing training
  • Small-scale production – organic and conversion phase
  • Gardens and beds maintained by hand
  • Gentle harvesting, drying, hand sorting, aroma protection storage
  • Farms stores and select points of sale
  • Herb tours and show gardens

Fam. Pöllabauer8616 Gasenhochegger (at) almenland. at0043 664/2571336
Elisabeth Pöllabauer8616 Gasenalmenlandkraeuter (at) gasen. at0043 664/8989554
Fam. Hinterleitner8616 Gasenhinterleitner_franz (at) aon. at0043 676/9358080
Willi Schwaiger8616 Gasenwilli.schwaiger (at) gmail. com0043 664/5014340
Andrea Pretterer8616 Gaseninfo (at) herzleibundseele. at0043 660/5656278
Hermine Ponsold8162 Passailh.ponsold (at) aon. at0043 664/1155085
Fam. Schroeder8162 Passailsven.schroeder.kraut1 (at) gmail. com0043 676/5520071
Fam. Mandl8162 Passailresi.mandl (at) aon. at0043 676/9766501
Eva-Maria Hechtl8163 Fladnitz/T.eva.hechtl (at) gmx. at0043 664/1062551
Fam. Hirschbauer8163 Fladnitz/T.fam.hirschbauer (at) a1. net0043 0664/5321607
Maria Glaser8172 Heilbrunnglaser.naintsch (at) aon. at0043 664/73664776
Lisbeth Schweiger8171 St. Kathrein/Off.lisbeth.schweiger (at) gmail. com0043 664/9249072
Margaretha Hofer8172 Heilbrunnhofer (at) almenland. at0043 664/1906905
Michaela Hirtler8130 Frohnleitenhirtler (at) almenland. at0043 664/3504120

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Association "Almenland Kräuter"
Obmann Sven Schroeder

Phone: 0043 (0)676 / 55 20 071
E-Mail: bestellungen (at) almenland-kraeuter. at