Smoked meat

The finely smoked, award-winning cured meat rests and matures for three weeks in an in-house pickle. This creates the incomparable taste that is often missing from quickly smoked food.

Delicious foods made fresh every day, mainly from pigs, such as smoked meats, Mostbratl, smoked sausages, meat spreads, etc. are known and loved far beyond the region.

Susanna Gangl

Krammersdorf 23
8162 Passail
Phone: +43 676 3479177
E-Mail: info (at) mostheuriger-gangl .at

Styria Beef

The Styria Beef achieves its high quality through the species-appropriate husbandry of the cattle. The animals get their feed exclusively from the herb-rich Styrian pastures. But the stables also offer a friendly straw lying area in winter. Organic feeding and slow growth make Styria beef particularly tender.

Whether a juicy steak or a classic burger, Styria Beef has something for every taste. But thanks to the organic feeding and natural husbandry, the meat is particularly low in fat and cholesterol, but in return it is also rich in high-quality protein, minerals and vitamins, making it a healthy meal even for a gourmet.

Ernst Hofer

Hadersberg 61
8171 Heilbrunn
Phone: +43 664 1906910
E-Mail: ernst.hofer (at)


Josefa Harrer

Tulwitzdorf 11
8163 Fladnitz/Teichalm
Phone: +43 664 1464426
E-Mail: harrer-graf (at) aon .at


The Huber family offers 10 different types of potatoes for sale - be it in local shops or at the yard sale in Fladnitz.

You are welcome to the farm shop on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. and on Fridays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The potatoes are also sold under "Huber's Chips" - they are sliced, fried and sold at various events - the farm's own beef is also often marketed as catering in the form of "Almbörger".

Manfred Huber

Fladnitz/Teichalm 28
8163 Fladnitz/Teichalm
Phone: +43 676 3395121
E-Mail: landwirt.huber (at) aon .at

Styrian pumpkin seed oil

Pumpkin seed oil – also called the dark green gold of Styria. The Hyden family from Fladnitz has also been producing this special Styrian specialty for several years.

Doris Hyden

Fladnitz/Teichalm 13
8163 Fladnitz/Teichalm
Phone: +43 664 4039291
E-Mail: doris.hyden (at) gmx .at


Andreas und Helga Marx

Plenzengreith 33
8061 Plenzengreith
Phone: 0043 664/9213225
E-Mail: yakzucht.marx (at) gmail .com

Almenland Hay

The “Almenland organic herbal hay” comes from a special region of Styria that is characterized by a still intact natural landscape.
At an altitude of 1,000 to 1,200 meters above sea level, countless alpine herbs give this hay its incomparable taste. Thanks to natural fertilization, many fragrant herbs grow that no longer have a place in mass production. The entire operation has been organically managed since 1994 and regularly monitored. The right feeling for the weather when harvesting hay as well as careful use of machines make the "Almenland organic herbal hay" a treat for all rodents.

Willi Schwaiger

Mitterbach 32
8616 Gasen
Phone: +43 664 5014340
E-Mail: willi.schwaiger (at) almenland .at

Almenland candy

In order to show children and parents that snacking can also be healthier, the health platform Passail is launching the “Almenland Zuckerl” campaign together with companies from the community.
The Almenland Zuckerl are made by hand with birch sugar (XYLIT) and pure dried Almenland herbs from our show garden, as well as dried and ground organic raspberries, quinces, organic aronia berries and organic apples; they do not contain any artificial flavors or additives.

Sven Schröder

Krammersdorf 3
8162 Passail
Phone: 0043 676/5520071 or 0043 699/17006707
E-Mail: sven.schroeder.kraut1 (at) gmail .com