Kulmer Fisch

Restaurant, Ponds & Smokehouse

"Everything for the fish" - that is the motto of the fish restaurant Kulmer. All the fish-lovers will feel amazing here. There are creative, delicious dishes which are mainly cooked with fish out of their own ponds. Regional and seasonal refine the dishes with the extra flavour. From family celebrations, dinner for two, business meal to the bikers at transit - at Kulmer's everyone is welcome!

The smokehouse:

Back then everything began with a few fish ponds and a self-built smoker. Then, as well as now, the fish were smoked and cooked in the restaurant. In the meantime the production has gone far in excess of trouts and salmon and the business is famous for their flexibility and regional quality in the austrian market.

The ponds:

Until the fish are ready to be eaten, they are breeded in crystal clear mountain water from the Naturpark Almenland. Franz Kulmer personally takes care of his fish with lots of love and welfare.

Down-to-earth gourmet restaurant in Haslau

In the family house from 1722 the cooking craft has been handed down from generation to generation. On the menu you can find traditional Kulmer meals as well as far-eastern fish specialities. 

Whether you visit Kulmer's for family celebrations, dinner for two, business meals or on a transit with your bike - everyone is welcome who loves good fish! If you are in need of accomodation, the "Bürgermeisterhaus" is also equipped with four comfortable rooms for your holiday in the Almeland.

The fish smokehouse opened in 2009 and has a size of around 3000m². In this one about 800 tons of raw fish, trout, salmon, char, catfish and carp are processed from 35 workers to reach the highest quality and purity.

current opening hours

Group tours

Guided tour:

  • Inspection of the ponds and a fish-starter-plate as well as a drink in the gourmet restaurant included for € 18,50
  • Inspection without food and drinks for € 7,00

The tour can also be combined with a set meal in the fish restaurant! 

Guided tours can be booked the whole year against request.

Details for groups

time period: ca. 1 hour
tours: the whole year
prices: € 7,00 per person for the tour
€ 18,50 with tasting
group size: min. 10 people
max. 50 people
barrier free: no
toilets: yes
parking spot for busses: yes

Kulmer Fisch
Inh. Franz Kulmer

Haslau 63
8190 Birkfeld
Telefon: 0043 3174/4463
E-Mail: kulmer (at) kulmer-fisch. at
Web: www.kulmer-fisch.at

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