Source of the Raab

Source of a mystic river

North of Passail at the foot of the Osser and in the midst of Naturpark Almenland lies the source of the Raab. This mystic river flows 250 km through eastern Styria before emptying into the Danube at Györ. A few kilometres after Passail, the Raab forms Austria’s longest ravine, a popular destination for hikers.

The source of the Raab, a small fenced area with a spring and a plaque, is easy to reach from Passail. The road leads to the café “Waldmühle” where the Raabursprung-Rundweg, starts, going up to the source of the Raab in about 1 hour. Or you hike from the “Schwoabauer-Kreuz” on the Sommeralm down to the source of the Raab.

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