Teichalm - Hochlantsch (with Bärenschützklamm)

Hike with high points

Hike up the 1720 metre tall Hochlantsch, the region’s highest mountain, and visit the picturesque Schüsserlbrunn pilgrimage church. This tour can be readily combined with the Bärenschützklamm, one of Austria’s most beautiful Bärenschützklamm.

Attention: The Bärenschützklamm will be closed for construction work in 2021, the reopening is planned für May 1, 2022. Entering the locked gorge is forbidden and also life-threatening!

The hike begins at the idyllic Teichalmsee surrounded by gentle alps, forming the heart of the nature preserve. Directly by the lake stands the Holzochse, the emblem of the Almenland beef producing region, and the Teichalmmoor with nature trail is also directly adjacent.

This year, the Bärenschützklamm will not be opened until 21 May 2020 (Assumption Day)!

Start/end: Teichalmsee
Parking: public parking spaces at the Teichamlsee

Hochlantsch-Tour (medium)
Duration: 11,1 km | 4,5 hours
Total rise: 585 m 

Hochlantsch-Runde with Bärenschützklamm (heavy)
Duration: 16,4 km | 7 hours
Total rise: 1.060 m

Bärenschützklamm-Tour from the Teichalm (medium)
Duration: 15 km | 5,5 hours
Total rise: 470 m

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