Gerlerkogel from the Teichalm

For Teichalm-lovers!

Anyone who has never been to the Teichalm is best to choose this round to get started. It goes past the lake and through the moor and with the Gerlerkogel there is also a lookout point.

The tour starts on the Breitalm and first leads down to the Teichalmsee. From there it goes gently up towards Gerlerkogel, but the path actually leads around Gerlerkogel, whoever wants to can of course walk the short way up to the summit and then have a beautiful panoramic view. The new Gerlerkogelhütte is right on the way, and with its view is perfect for a rest. The further path now leads past the Gerlerkreuz and back down to the Teichalm.

Right at the Latschenhütte is the access to the wild and romantic Teichmmmoor, which can be walked through. The path ends at the lake near the wooden ox, which represents the beef region Almenland. Pedal boats await you on the lake for a short tour and there are also several restaurants for a stop. The rest of the way now leads past the wooden ox up to the Hotel Pierer and back to the Breitalm, at the foot of the Heulantsch.

Start / End: Teichalm, parking area at Breitalm
Parcing: Teichalm, parking area at Breitalm
Duration: 8,4 km | 2,5 hours
Altitude difference: 250 m

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