Forest path to the Mill

Let's go to the Schreinhofer Mill!

A leisurely circular route from the town center to the Schreinhofer mill. The path is suitable for the whole family - even with a dog, since you don't meet grazing cattle directly.

The route leads from the center of Gasen to the Schreinhofer mill with the largest, still intact mill wheel in Austria. For groups and by prior arrangement, the mill tavern also serves and the original Brennsterz is made.

The path leads past the "Troadkostn", where the life-size, carved nativity figures can be admired in Advent and the parish church, which has two patrons: St. Oswald is a much revered cattle patron and indicates the agricultural use of the area, while St. Barbara, as the miner's guardian, referred to mining in earlier days. Iron ore, gold, silver and arsenic were mined around gases until the 19th century.

On the way there are beautiful views and a few rest stops for the hikers, fresh mountain air, twittering birds and soft forest floors are the encore.

Back in town, the Gasen innkeepers invite you to a cozy stop!

Start / End: Gasen
Parking: in the centre in Gasen
Duration: 4,7 km | 1,5 hours
Altitude difference: 205 m

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