Heulantsch loop road

Hike with a view over the Teichalm

This hike around the peak is the alpine tour of choice for the whole family, with views and several places to stop.

The Heulantsch loop connects the Sommeralm and Teichalm, and can be expanded with a trip around the Teichalmsee or through the upland moor. It’s literal high point is the peak of the Heutlantsch at 1,473 metres with an incredible view. This trail is accessible early in the year or also on snowshoes during the winter months. Several lodges and inns invite you to rest along the way.

For those who want to go on a really long hike, the Heulantsch-Runde can be combined with the Siebenkögel Sommeralm-Weg into the Gipfelrundwanderweg Teichalm-Sommeralm.

Start/end: Teichalm
Parking: Around the Teichalm-Lake
Duration: 13,7 km | 4,5 hours
Total rise: 580 hm

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