A famous destination in Styria!

Schüsserlbrunn has always been a popular destination: the picturesque wooden church on the Hochlantsch wall has been visited by pilgrims for centuries and hikers have always come by. In 2018, however, the church was voted "the most popular destination in Styria" in the ORF on the occasion of the big Austrian show, and came third in the Austrian decision.

The pilgrimage site is only accessible on foot, the easiest way leads from the Teichalm up to the GH "Steirischer Jockl" and from there 99 wooden steps down to the church square. Even though the trail does not have many vertical meters, it is still 12 kilometers to walk. Schüsserlbrunn can also be combined with a tour through the Bärenschützklamm or a Hochlantsch round. Also from Breitenau am Hochlantsch, paths lead up to the church.

ATTENTION: The church and the guesthouse "Steirischer Jockl" are closed from the 1st of November to the 1st of May!

Start/end: Teichalmsee
Parking: around the lake
Duration: 11,2 km | 3,5 hours
Altitude difference: 404 m