From the Glacier to the Wine

Two routes from the Dachstein up to the wineland

Styria has a scenic beauty that is unparalleled in Europe - but it is also known for its cultural treasures, its culinary specialties and the warmth of its inhabitants. All of these sides of Styria can be experienced up close and at leisure in the two From Glacier to Wine Hiking Routes.

The two paths connect the alpine north with the sun-drenched wine country via a north and a south route. Both tours start at the Dachstein, the "roof of Styria" and at the same time the highest mountain. It's not about top athletic performance, nor about getting from A to B as quickly as possible. The focus is on experiencing the country and its people! If you don't want to go all at once: You can get on or off at almost every stage, many stages can also be reached by public transport, which simplifies the return trip to the starting point.

3 stages of the northern route also lead through the Almenland nature park:

  • Stage 23: From Fischbach to Strassegg
  • Stage 24: From Strassegg to Brandlucken
  • Stage 25: From Brandlucken to Anger

Both routes with all stages and a lot of information about the two long-distance hiking trails can be found on the Styria website:

from the Glacier to the Wine